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Cobra doesn't usually like to play in the middle ground with most of their products standing out from the crowd in all areas - technology, performance, and aesthetic. The inclusion of rail technology on the sole of their fairway woods ticks all three of these boxes.

The theory behind rail technology is to help the club glide through the turf during the downswing and impact zone to ensure solid contact from any lie. In practise, they do so much more.

At address, a pair of parallel bars on the bottom of the club help it sit straight, which quickly and (more importantly) visibly identifies any alignment issues. Another benefit is that as soon as they come back into contact with the ground, the rails to help square the face at impact for consistently straight shots. Finally, they pull the weight lower for optimal CG positioning to make Cobra fairway woods easier to hit.

The rails were a firm favourite in Cobra hybrids before they made their way onto their fairways. They've been an ever-present since the first appearance in the F7. They're even in irons too now - check out the Cobra T-Rail irons!

Like all brands, Cobra's fairway wood line up follows their driver offering in name and technology. Carbon crowns, a milled face (KING F9), and My-Fly adjustability make the Cobra fairway wood line up one of the strongest in the market.

When browsing, you'll see two main themes: the KING range and the 'F' range. Fairway woods in the KING range are Cobra's premium offering as used by their playing staff on the PGA Tour (Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau) as well as Lexi Thompson on the LPGA Tour. Recent models follow the driver naming convention (F7, F8, and F9), but within these, there are a few models with subtle differences.

Aimed at the masses, the standard model has a low CG, and a shallow face designed to get the ball in the air as easily as possible. Additional models, identified with a 'Tour' or '+' are aimed at the better player and feature a smaller head, and forward CG to aide shot control and produce a penetrating flight with reduced spin.

Cobra also makes excellent golf clubs aimed at the beginner and game improver. These fall under the 'F' models names (not to be confused with the KING F clubs). These models can be identified by keywords such as Max and Superlite. Clubs which fall into these families are designed to be as lightweight as possible to deliver maximum performance for the same input from players with slower swings. These clubs will also have a slightly larger profile which allows the engineers to position more mass at the extremities to make the club more forgiving and easier to hit.

All Cobra KING golf clubs now include ARCCOS technology. By using a sensor in the grip this technology tracks your entire game to tell where you're playing well, and areas of the game that might need improving. The technology gives you a handicap for five areas of the game – Driving, Approach, Chipping, Bunker, and Putting - as well as 100s of other stats.

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