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If you’re looking for a driver that's super easy to launch and pick up a few yards along the way, then Cobra is the brand for you. Cobra has an excellent range of game improvement drivers, with many models coming in an offset version. An offset driver moves the face back from the shaft to give it more time and distance to return to square at impact. Any drivers labelled ‘Max’ also fall into the game improvement category and will feature all the technology need to get the ball up in the air quickly and long for immediately more distance for the same input.

Cobra also has Tour level driver which are played by some of the world's best players on both the PGA Tour and European Tour - most notably the F9 Speedback driver which has rocketed Cobra to the front of the queue when looking for an alternative product to those from the traditional industry leaders. Rickie Fowler won on the PGA Tour the first week he put it into play. It is also in the bag of Brycon Dechanbeau and LPGA Tour player Lexi Thompson (at the time of writing).

One of the main reason for resurgence was the solving of the equation of an aerodynamic head shape for speed with a low and deep centre of gravity for forgiveness - when previously one was sacrificed for the other. In addition to this new technology, Cobra has kept milled face technology – launched in the KING F8 driver – which allows for much tighter manufacturing tolerances. Precise machine milling is up to 5 times more accurate allowing the technology built into the face (to help with accuracy and speed) to perform as designed. This new approach has enhanced the benefits of a stalwart of Cobra drivers, E9 face technology which divides the face into nine common miss hit locations to increase the size of the sweet spot and sustain distance for off centre strikes. Finally, like most, Cobra drivers are adjustable in the hosel to change the loft up or down.

All Cobra golf clubs now include ARCCOS technology. By using a sensor in the grip this technology tracks your entire game to tell where you’re playing well, and areas of the game that might need improving. The technology gives you a handicap for five areas of the game – Driving, Approach, Chipping, Bunker, and Putting - as well as 100s of other stats.

When browsing Cobra drivers there are a few keywords to look out for. In recent models – Bio Cell, Fly-Z, and F Series - Cobra released a standard head and a ‘plus' or '+’head. This indicates a driver designed for the better player due to the position (or adjustability positions) of the CG. The loft settings on the adjustable hosel will also be lower, ranging from 8-10 rather than 10-12. Some of the standard versions might still feature adjustable CG locations, but these will be neutral and draw based in the main.

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