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At the core of the Cleveland hybrid range there a focus on moving weight low and deep which gives the user a hybrid which will launch high and long from any lie.

One solution Cleveland's engineers have come up with is the use of Gliderail technology which sees a pair of rails helping the club through the turf for more clubhead speed and distance. Cleveland says these rials put you in a scoring position from anywhere on the course by giving you the confidence to hit a good shot regardless of the distance. The rails also organically add mass to the sole of the club which brings the COG location lower for improved launch conditions.

Another solution is the use of their Hi Bore crown. Derived from Cleveland's line of drivers and metal woods, the 'scooped' crown moves weight low and back for improved forgiveness and launch. The concave design also allows the face to be made larger without affecting the overall size (cc) of the clubs. A larger face naturally increases the size of the sweet spot for more consistent distance on off-centre hits.

When looking back into Cleveland's back-catalogue, one name jumps off the page. The 'Mashie' hybrid featured improved playability and extreme versatility when it was launched and would not look out of place in a golf bag nearly a decade on.

Cleveland Golf is a well-established name in the world of cutting-edge golfing innovation. Their company ethos of improving golfer's ability to hit the ball further, straighter and closer to the hole has helped solidify Cleveland's name for over 40 years.

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