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Cleveland has had an established putter range for several years now with the main focus being around better alignment. Over recent years this has been through the use of a raised sightline as featured in their 2135 range of putters. The raised sightline (which would go through the centre of the ball) allows golfers to achieve optimal alignment on every putt, regardless of where their eyes are at address. Another solution to the alignment problem was the introduction of the Smart Square putter. This design was Cleveland's take on the Odyssey 2-Ball alignment aid where instead of golf balls sized disks; they used a pair of squares. The theory was that the straight edges would help the golfers body position, feet and shoulder alignment on top of helping line the ball up with its intended target.

Other putter technologies form Cleveland include their TFi (True Feel Innovation). Putters in this range feature a face which combines a Milled Infused Face Cap over a Copolymer Insert for the ultimate in feel and consistency across the face.

The Huntington Beach family of putters from Cleveland golf represent the best value for money range at retail. If you're simply after a no-nonsense putter with a little help through technology and design, then look no further. They feature a deep and precision milled face for an improved strike to get the ball rolling end over end quicker and a counterbalanced grip to breed consistency of stroke and better distance control. The range is numbered from 1 through 10 - with most bases covered from a head shape perspective. Number 1, for example, is a traditional Anser style, number 6 is a half moon, centre-shafted putter for minimal rotation, and number 8 is a double width blade which is in favour on Tour in at present.

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Frontline putters from Cleveland have forward weighting for better stability and more accurate putts.

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