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Their name is synonymous with wedges after founder Roger Cleveland found his niche in designing premium wedges and has left the company with a legacy, title, and desire to continue making wedges worthy of the name, despite him now working for Callaway.

The breakthrough for Cleveland came with the 588 wedge which was a 5th generation released in 1988 (hence 588) and the first to feature U-Shaped grooves which produced a high ball flight and more spin. Other innovations included a V-Shaped sole which provided relief in the heel and toe for face manipulation on precision shots around the green. The original 588 wedge is still one of the best selling golf clubs of all time, and the name continues to be used by Cleveland in recent model releases.

Another technology you'll notice when browsing Cleveland wedges is RTX - which stand for Rotex and is now in its fourth generation. It refers to a micro-milled Rotex face pattern to give these wedges the most surface roughness allowed within the rules.

Thanks to their fantastic heritage in wedge research and design, Cleveland can manufacture a specialist wedge with a cavity back, something other manufacturers have not managed. Their CB wedges feature a hollow chamber in the heel and tow to maximise MOI and deliver unprecedented short game forgiveness.

Finally, with Cleveland wedges, there's a bounce consideration. Unlike other manufacturers who use complicated letting naming convention, Cleveland keeps it very simple - Full, Mid, Low, and XLow - to differentiate between their bounce offerings. Full grind wedges offer the most bounce for steep swing and soft conditions. At the other end of the spectrum (Low and XLow) grinds provide little bounce for shallow swings and firmer conditions.

Cleveland wedges come in a vast range of finishes from a premium Tour Satin to a low glare option, either Copper or Gun Metal.

Upgrade Your Short Game
The RTX-4 wedge from Cleveland delivers more spin across all conditions.

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