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Cleveland golf is part of the wider Srixon family and as such, the two companies, in terms of irons, are operating in different areas of the market. In Cleveland's case, it's in the game improvement category.

Cleveland was one of the first companies to bring a modern hybrid to the market in the form of the Mashie, and it's this technology which has slowly made its way into their iron line up. Cleveland realised after the success of the Mashie that a full set of hybrids could only be a good thing.

Hollow irons are not a modern invention, Cleveland was making Launcher HB irons long before the P790, or T-MB (from TaylorMade and Titleist respectively) were a sketch on a napkin. These hybrid style irons have the weight as low and back as possible to make the game easier. The wide sole inspires confidence over the ball and take the dreaded fat or thin our of the equation.

There was a time when Srixon were not players in the hardware market (especially in the UK), and therefore there are a few older Cleveland models which are for the better player. These irons will look more traditional with a cavity back for low CG to get the ball in the air as well as additional forgiveness. If you're looking for a premium Japanese iron, there are much better options on our Srixon irons page.

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