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Recent Cleveland drivers are all derived from their earlier models. The Launcher HB features a new HiBore crown design which moves the centre of gravity low and deep, promoting a high-launch, low-spin trajectory and of course, a 460cc profile.

Cleveland Golf was the first brand to release a 460cc driver when the Launcher 460 hit retail in 2003. It was the first driver to reach the upper head size limit set out by the R&A and USGA (otherwise who knows where we'd be now?). Naturally, the more size and space the engineers have to work their magic the easier they can make the club to use for us the golfers. The bigger profile allows them to push the weight to the extreme perimeter for maximum forgiveness and resistance to twisting on off centre strikes. This theory is the template almost all drivers since have been built upon.

The research team at Cleveland soon realised a flaw in the traditional crown design. The bubble outwards moved the centre of gravity location up the club and away from the middle of the face, the sweet spot. By inverting the crown and producing a scooped back in the HiBore (2006) the CG location was lowered and inline with the centre of the face. Cleveland believed this would produce longer and more consistent distance than any of the competitor products.

Cleveland Golf started as a company making replicas of golf clubs but soon developed into a fully fledged manufacturer, specialising in wedges. Designed by Roger Cleveland the companies breakthrough product was the now iconic 588 wedge. This wedge had huge coverage on the PGA Tour and the brand soon became synonymous with wedges.

Roger Cleveland, has moved on but his legacy lives on as Cleveland still makes some of the best wedges in golf, with the 588 model name still going strong more than a decade later. The company is owned by the same company that ownes Srixon and will appeal to golfers looking to improve but most importanly enjoy the game.

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