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Hybrids come in all shapes and sizes as clubs and research in the category have evolved. Callaway has one of the biggest ranges in the market and can provide a long-distance answer to any golfers profile or problems - whether you're looking for a driving iron for a penetrating flight off a tee, or a high launching and forgiving second shot solution.

Callaway hybrids have changed in recent years and with a vocabulary now including names such as Epic, Flash, Rogue and, of course, Big Bertha the range can appear confusing when starting your search. Understanding some of the key differences and knowing what to look out for to suit your game will make the search a whole lot easier.

Starting with hybrids in their purest sense (larger head, low and deep CG), the flagship model in the Callaway range usually mirrors their driver offering both in name and technology. Currently, the headline maker is Jailbreak technology with the Epic Flash hybrid offering faster ball speeds and more distance to improve playability for higher handicap golfers. Similarly, the Apex hybrid, released with the Jailbreak technology for the first time in 2019, offers the same improvements in ball speed only with the spin, launch, and flight characteristics of a long iron. This allows the better player to match a hybrid with their Apex iron set for better long game performance.

At the other end and for the game improver there's the Big Bertha hybrid. The oversize clubhead inspires confidence at address and provides an easy to use alternative to long irons for beginners and if you're new to the game.

Unless otherwise specified (in Callaway's case with 'Pro' or 'Apex') Callaway hybrids will suit the mid to high handicap range. Larger profiles move mass and CG location back and deep to promote high launch and maximum forgiveness.

There are hybrids with iron performance, and in recent year's there's been a move towards 'hybrids' with iron cosmetics to match. These utility or driving irons are loosely referred to as hybrids as they provide an easier to hit alternative to traditional long irons. If you play in hard, links conditions, this might be the club for you as the low penetrating flight will promote the maximum roll out for added distance. The X Forged UT (current model) from Callaway is the choice of many of their PGA Tour and European Tour playing staff.

Callaway golf was launched with a simple promise to players; to deliver demonstrably superior, pleasingly different products. This approach led to the company leaving behind the image of a small manufacturer of high-end wedges, to ascend into and ultimately become the largest manufacturer of premium golf clubs in the market today.

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