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There is so much more to wedge design than meets the eye - with Callaway leading the way with some other headline manufacturers. Most golfers tend to change their wedge do to wearing out the grooves rather than for new technology like they would their driver. However, there is as much technology packed into the small blade of a wedge as a lot of other clubs.

Callaway wedges combine a progressive centre of gravity location, endless combinations of loft, bounce, grind, along with a choice of finishes are all things to be considered. And all add layers of technology to what is primarily considered a low tech category.

When browsing Callaway wedges though, your first decision is what sort of wedge you need. An extension of your irons set for consistent distance control and gapping, or a specialist wedge for precision in the scoring zone? Either way, Callaway is one of the best in the business thanks to their collaboration with two of the best names in wedge design.

Callaway Wedges are used by Phil Mickelson, who is widely regarded to have one of the best short games in the history of golf. He is involved in every stage of the design and development process and even has his a signature wedge named after him, the PM Grind. Along with input from Phil, Callaway wedges built under the stewardship of Roger Cleveland, the man who gave his name to Cleveland Golf, another fantastic wedge manufacturer.

One keyword to look out for when browsing Callaway wedge is Mack Daddy. This sub-brand represents their flagship model and technology. The name refers to the Mack Daddy grooves which generate maximum spin for maximum greenside control.

Like most manufacturers, Callaway wedges come in lofts from 46-degrees, up to 64-degrees (as used by Phil Mickelson) and like most, there are numerous bounce and grind options for you to choose from at each loft. If you're looking to extend your iron set, then your choice will be restricted to the 'stock' options, usually, P, A, S, or L.

When thinking about the grind for your Callaway wedge, consider how much you manipulate the face at address. If you find yourself laying it open for more loft, consider some heel relief to help with this type of shot. Wedges with an 'X' or 'C' grind will be best suited for you. If you leave the face square, then look for S-Grind wedges.

With regards to bounce, a general rule is, the more significant the divot, the higher the bounce. Callaway wedges display the bounce angle as a second number near the loft - for example, a 60-10 will be a 60-degree wedge with 10-degrees of bounce.

Mack Daddy Grooves
Improve your wedge play with a new wedge from Callaway; featuring their famous Mack Daddy grooves.

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