Adams Drivers

Like many of the leading golf club manufacturers, Adams can claim to be first to market with some now standard and industry-wide technology; Speed Slots. A channel in the sole of the club would allow the face to flex more at impact and impart more of the energy back into the ball for more speed and distance. The slots got deeper and deeper before breaking through to the crown in the XTD driver which was the first to feature a cut-through slot.

The research and development process of the XTD driver represented another industry first. Rather than testing a small percentage of heads for their conformity to the rules set out by the R∓A and USGA. Each head was rigorously tested for max allowable COR up to 4 times to make them as long as they can be within the rules. TaylorMade now does this with their M5 and M6 drivers in 2019.

Where Adams Golf excelles as a manufacturer is in its fairways and hybrids - in particular, the Tight Lies family which is where the slot first appeared.

Adams was brought by TaylorMade in 2012 and soon after this Adams golf technology started appearing in TaylorMade golf clubs. One of the first of which was the Rocketballz fairway wood. This was the first non-Adams branded club to feature a slot and was seen as a huge jump in fairway wood design, a category which had seem to have plateaued. Under new ownership original Adams technology was continued to be developed and slot technology still features in TaylorMade clubs today.

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