Titleist 917 D2

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HEADCOVERS: If a headcover appears in the photos above then this club comes with the manufacturer’s matching head cover. If not we will supply a plain cover head cover free of charge.

WRENCHES: This club will come with the manufacturers wrench for making adjustments if required.

12g neutral weight in the head extra 12g draw/fade weight



Model Year:



Mens Right Hand








Diamana M+ 50 DIALEAD

Shaft Material:





Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 red

Head Condition:

Shaft Condition:

Grip Condition:

Current Price: £154.76

Time remaining:  closed on 21/05/2019 01:30 PM

Bid History

21/05/2019 10:52 AM
21/05/2019 10:50 AM
21/05/2019 10:50 AM
20/05/2019 03:44 PM
20/05/2019 03:44 PM
18/05/2019 10:07 PM
18/05/2019 10:07 PM
18/05/2019 09:39 PM
18/05/2019 09:38 PM
18/05/2019 09:38 PM

  • Distance with forgiveness in a full 460cc pear profile.
  • Offers more forgiveness, a slightly higher launch and more spin versus 917D3.
  • Faster ball speeds: Off-centre hits provide more distance, more often, delivering superior forgiveness.
  • Adjustability: Through industry leading SureFit® CG and SureFit® Hosel provide the best possible fit for every golfer of any skill level.
  • Trajectory and shot shape: Customisation provide golfers a more consistent and repeatable shot from the tee.
  • Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0: Refined thickness through the channel reduces spin and increases speed.
  • Radial Speed Face 2.0: Enhanced with a thinner perimeter face width to promote a greater off-centre ball speed for more overall distance across the face.

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Five stars Titleist driver

Benji1987    26/05/2019

I found golfbidder to be very extremely helpful. I ordered a driver but didn’t get on with it at first due to the shaft, sent back with no problems received my refund and then ordered same club with a different shaft and I’m extremely pleased with it. Great condition club looks pretty much new very happy will definitely be using gold bidder in the future

Five stars Great service

santachef    17/05/2019

As first time golfbidder user I was nervous not because buying second hand I think golf clubs are one of the few things I'm happy buying used but because was unseen. It turns out had nothing to worry about product was as described in good condition and delivery was quick will definitely use again

Five stars Titleist 917 D

Ezcooper1    13/05/2019

The club was specified as very good in all three categories but I'd say it was in even better condition. One tiny mark on the shaft and that was it so an absolute bargain for the price. Will definitely be buying from here again!

Five stars Cannot complain with anything

lfcfreemo88    21/04/2019

Genuinely can not argue with the products I was definitely nervous about get a second hand clubs, when the best option is to get fitted but it can not argue with the clubs I have received they have lived up to everything that I was hoping for!!! Spot on in every

Five stars Adjustable and forgiving

AndyBurgess    21/04/2019

Titleist now seem to make simply the my favourite golf clubs around at the moment. Well made, classically great looking, with the ability to adjust you your swing. The D2 with it's bigger head offers the handicap player more forgiveness. Absolutely delighted with the condition of the club, the fair price and the follow up customer service. 110% happy customer.

Five stars New 917 D2

chickster    14/03/2019

Once I set the loft and direction to suit my swing, it was a marked improvement in distance and forgiveness compared to my old 913 version.

Five stars Titleist 917

holer66    04/03/2019

Another effortless transaction using Golfbidder 😊👍⛳️A+++++++

Five stars Forgiving

Thommo888    21/02/2019

I have used Titleist drivers for years although don't play as much as i used to. I got this driver to replace my 2009 version, whilst i don't necessarily think it adds on that much yardage to good shots it certainly keeps the bad ones straighter (probably more important). It arrived in almost new condition and with the additional weight/tool. I've left it in a neutral position and set the shaft up to add a bit more loft (all pretty easy to do if you read the instructions).

Four stars TitliestD917

eightiron    21/02/2019

Club received next day ,good condition very forgiving with different acoustics to the 915.I am pleased with the part exchange scheme.

Five stars Eamonn's review

Fintona    10/12/2018

Amazing forgiveness after first time use and a bit of extra length too.

Five stars Titleist 917 D2 Driver

Lotte123    17/11/2018

Bought this club to replace my Titleist 909 D2 Driver and am delighted not only with the new club but also the price I paid for it, delivery was prompt and I won’t hesitate to use Golfbidder again.

Five stars Further & Straighter

CotswoldRam    02/11/2018

Just upgraded my Titleist 915d to 917d, Brand new club at a great price from Golfbidder. Chose a lighter shaft. Played two rounds with the club plus hit some balls on the range. Once I get my swing right, it goes a mile!

Five stars Titleist 917 D2 Driver - What a buy, What a bargain !!!

WattTyler    31/10/2018

Bought this from Golfbidder brand new with Headcover for the bargain price of £200. Was £250 everywhere else, the club itself being approx. £450 until just very recently. Have always used Titleist and have until this purchase been using the 910 D2 drive for many a year, which has served me very well. The 917 D2 has lots of adjustable features including the loft adjustment mechanism and Titleist “Surefit” system. Went with the Adila Rogue Max Stiff Shaft. Love this club, goes further with a more penetrative flight, looks smart, feels good & sounds great!!! Came brand new with adjustable wrench & lovely leather headcover. Great service from Golfbidder too - club arrived within 24 hours, as promised. Very happy

Four stars D17

quickfire    27/10/2018


Five stars New Driver

Ricey37    22/10/2018

Great service, great product, couldn’t be happier or recommend Golfbidder any higher.

Five stars Back to Titleist

niblick311    04/10/2018

I always used to play with Titleist metals when I was a 12 handicapper 20 years ago, Having seen an online review of best drivers for mid-high handicappers recently, I decided to give the 917D2 a go, and I'm glad I did. The club arrived without its wrench and spare weight (Golfbidder speedily sent these on after a phone call) so I started off with the setting it was already on (A2 with fade bias) and immediately started hitting my drives around 30 yards further than with my previous Cobra F6. I think I now need to find a Titleist fitting centre to get it properly customised. Lovely club; good service as always from Golfbidder.

Five stars Driver

Twechar    02/10/2018

Looks good feels good and at 81 gives an extra 25yds and believe me it feels like a mile

Five stars Excellent Price

optiplex    17/08/2018

Haven't played golf for over 6 years so was looking to replace my G10 which I bought new when they first came out. I went and tested a number of new drivers and had a proper fitting but decided that before I paid over £300 for one I would look at golfbidder. They had the exact driver, shaft and loft on a brand new club that was £249.00 so I bought it. Process is simple, quick and I had it within 2 days. The club was perfect! 10 out of 10 for Golfbidder. The club arrived and I used it for the first time on a 36 hole day out. This is the first time i had played in years so was expecting to be all over the place but I was absolutely delighted with the results. Off centre hits still went a decent distance and badly struck shots didn't fly miles off line. It did what I hoped it would. The good shots with, my normal slight fade, carried a decent distance. The really good ones but not quite middle went past my best when I was regularly playing and there were a few that went further than I have hit before in similar conditions. Overall the club is brilliant, forgiving, looks gorgeous at address and sounds great when hit properly. I am looking forward to starting to play regularly again and seeing how much I can get out of this club. For £249.00 its a bargain and I would say with fitting this would be just as good a choice as any of the brand new £400 drivers that are out there.

Four stars Titleist 917D2 rview

BatJeanselme    14/08/2018

As expected Just lacking weights.

Five stars Extra Yards

mickhowe    01/07/2018

Wow purchased this to replace my 915 D2 gained on average an extra 20 - 30 yards and finding more fairways but maybe a bit biased as this is my 3rd Titleist driver. Excellent service from golfbidder traded in some old clubs to help fund the purchase very quick and simple process very pleased.

Five stars Beautiful hybrid

rluengo    12/04/2018

The look of this hybrid is great. It is sleek and is a nice blend between a long iron and a fairway wood. Do not expect an easy high-launching club, but a better’s player, penetrating flight. Really suits my game and expectations. As always, Golfbidder’s service outstanding!

Five stars Titleist 917 auction

Durns1    03/02/2018

First time I’ve used golfbidder and the ease of use and service was excellent. I won the titleist 917 in an auction and couldn’t be more pleased as drove better than I have in months. Delivered next day and got a real bargain.

Five stars Fantastic buy

westwood632    06/01/2018

Having tried all the latest drivers on the market eg epic, m1 etc the 917 in my opinion beats them by miles. Have added an extra 30-50 yds to my drives, the speed the ball comes off the face is absolutely amazing, highly recommend titleist 917s

Five stars Titleist 917d2 Driver

Waterhall    19/12/2017

Only used once since purchase but seems very accurate and consistent.

Five stars Great price quality ratio

BCleat    22/08/2017

Quality is very good for this price. Some original parts are missing like the standard draw weigth piece.

Five stars titleist 17d

Golfereggs    03/07/2017

The Driver was in very good condition when I purchased it, although there was no instructions on how to alter the loft and lie settings, a matrix or guide on how to effectively do this would be appreciated in any other deliverie's.

Four stars Titleist Driver

arjones    11/03/2017

Nice look and feel to the club but don't be tricked into thinking it will automatically get you hitting the ball further than your last driver. At the moment I am nowhere near the length of my old Callaway Driver but I shall persevere with it as £300 is a lot of money to throw away.

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