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Mizuno T-Zoid MX-15


Mens Right Hand




3-SW Iron Set





Shaft Material





Golf Pride Dual Durometer

Head condition

7 - Good

Shaft condition

7 - Good

Grip condition

7 - Good
Mizuno T-Zoid MX-15

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About Mizuno T-Zoid MX-15

Mizuno MX-15. Mizuno MX-15s feature a deep cavity in a midsize head for a very forgiving iron. A deep and wide undercut within the head expands the hitting zone and generates a high soaring ball flight with the longer irons. The progressive offset enables a high level of control and response with mid to short irons.

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Mizuno T-Zoid MX-15 User Reviews

Five stars

Paul85 H.Cap (15) 30.04.13

First time I've used the site clubs arrived on time and in good condition.already hitting much better shots changed from an old set of Wilson firestick graphites.longer straighter higher and a better consistent feel. Great buy. I only paid £120 for the 4-sw set

Five stars

jcoombs64 H.Cap (28) 04.11.12

Clubs arrived promptly and were in better condition than expected (6's all round on the website), only a few minor scuffs, very impressed. The clubs play really well and I've seen a noticeable improvement in my game over a short period of time. Being my first set of 'proper' clubs I am extremely pleased with the feel, especially the mid irons. Definitely using golfbidder again, great service!

Five stars

moze82 H.Cap (28) 02.06.12

I bought these 2nd hand for a great price. They are my first "serious" set of clubs and was hoping they would help me enjoy the game more as I learn, but also help me progress. I've played them twice now, and absolutely love them. Very forgiving and feel so good when I do hit the ball right. Fantastic high-handicappers club, and I strongly recommend them.

Five stars

Espin37 H.Cap (26) 16.09.10

Used them for the first time on the range yesterday; great set of clubs, forgiving and saw my shots going straighter and further on my first hit! great service from golfbidder

Five stars

drconker H.Cap (28) 28.11.08

Clubs were great when first used on the driving range, but game went to pieces initially after having a lesson. Is coming back and feels very good. Clubs are much more forgiving than my old set of Petrons.

Four stars

Libalo H.Cap (19) 19.06.08

Having grown up on a golf course, naturally I took up the game at an early age and have always used Titleist irons. I remmber way back in 1999 I looked at some Mizunos when upgrading. However I opted for a set of DCIs. 9 years on though I decided to abandon my 20 year affinity with Titleist and switch to Mizuno. I am very glad I did. These clubs sit nicely at address and instill a great feeling of confidence when you set up to take a shot. All in all a great buy. The wedge alone was worth the money. The quality of the clubs was also brilliantly quoted by golfbidder, and the clubs arrived the next day. Top service.

Five stars

mdw2412 H.Cap (28) 19.03.08

The best golf website I have used. Ordered just before 2pm, 10am next day clubs arrived. Rating of the clubs I bought was spot on if not a little under generous. They were immaculate. Took them to range on Friday night, they looked completely different at address from my ancient Top Flite Tours, and after a few swings knew that these clubs were going to be just fine. Took them out on Saturday and for the first time in my life had two birdies on two consective holes - all thanks to my new best friend, the 7 iron. Am really pleased with my purchase and will be back to golfbidder again when it is time to move on to different clubs. Would recommend this site to anybody in the market for new clubs

Five stars

johnnyschnitzel H.Cap (9) 09.02.08

Surely one of the best, most reliable golf websites around. As expected, the Mizunos are great. And, to make it even sweeter, I got them for a pittance through the auction system. Absolutely no complaints here. A brilliant deal.

Five stars

Digger555 H.Cap (24) 21.09.07

I bought the clubs a week ago for a great price and they arrived the next day.The shafts,heads and grips were all rated at 7 and they looked nearly new. I immediately liked the feel and the balance of the clubs and took them to the range at the weekend.My last set of clubs were pretty old and dead but the way i hit these clubs at the range was extremely pleasing and promising.They give a really high lofted flight and they are forgiving on off centre hits (which unusually for me were fairly few and far between). They give me great confidence at address and i'm looking forward to getting out on the course this weekend. Service from Golfbidder was excellent,efficient,easy and i have already recommended them to some of my friend.

Five stars

gillinghamfishing H.Cap (16) 15.06.07

i bought mx15 on golfbidder and havn,t looked back.hits the ball well and long as well.i would return to golfbidder without question thanks s stevenson.

Five stars

billy123 H.Cap (26) 05.11.06

I am a 26 handicapper and have been playing for just under a year. I borrowed a friends Mx-15 irons on the range last week so that i could try before I actually bought a set. Simply immense! The flight from 8-SW was amazing, I've never hit a ball that well. The length of the long irons was a little bit disappointing to start with but by the end I was hitting them extremely long and straight which is great I've always had a major right to left draw with my long irons. Must buy.

Five stars

marsjda H.Cap (15) 31.10.06

I received these irons just under a week ago and i have received a 2 shot cut already i was previously off 17. I am playing well and hope to be cut even more after this weekends medal. Thanks GolfBidder!!!!

Four stars

hollowpoint H.Cap (22) 13.08.06

only used on driving range so far, good improvement with long irons better loft on and off the tee and they are a nice weighted club, hope to improve my game now.

Four stars

notverygood H.Cap (24) 28.07.06

I have only used the new set of irons twice since purchase last week. It is early days but what I can say is I already have higher loft, even with my short backswing, and the take-away action feels more balanced in comparison to my 10 year-old Pings given to me by a friend. The short irons are very comfortable and I hope that my loss of about 10 yards with the long irons is only temporary.

Five stars

special H.Cap (16) 26.07.05

If the mx 15 is indicative of the rest of the Mizuno iron range I can understand why they sell so well. The feel of these clubs is great through the hands, the results are excellent, loads of sky being grabbed by the long Irons and great pricision and ball flight from 8 to SW. I'm a big ping fan but these have really turned my head. Highly recommend that you give Mizuno a try if your in the market.