Cleveland 900 Tour Action Gun Metal Wedge

Model Year:  2005

RRP: £89.00

Five stars

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Cleveland 900 Tour Action Gun Metal. The unique finish on the gun metal version reduces glare and helps frame the ball at address. The treatment to create this finish is a proprietary process that retains the softness of the inner core while strengthening its exterior. Two solid years of research on the PGA Tours helped Cleveland develop the 900 series wedges with the consistency of Form Forged irons and a new shape, size sole design. The 900 Form Forged Wedges feature a loft and bounce selection system that allows all golfers a simple way to select wedges for their own short games. More golfers on The PGA and other tours continue to trust their Cleveland wedges more than any other.

1 In Stock

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900 Tour Action Gun Metal Wedge

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Cleveland 900 Tour Action Gun Metal

Mens Right Hand

Steel Lob wedge Stiff 60


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Cleveland 900 Tour Action Gun Metal User Reviews

Four stars

oleite72 H.Cap (19) 06.01.10

I've purshase this club to fulfill my needs, i already had a 54º Cleveland 900 Tour Action Gun Metal so I new wat to espect from the club,but the golfbidder service is fantastic, fast and trustfull. Since this club is off the market Golfbidder was the only place that i've found it. thanks!

Four stars

Mongrela H.Cap (13) 09.09.09

First time that I've used Golfbidder and I'm delighted with the result. I got the wedge re-gripped and it is near enough identical to the one I lost - and it fits exactly with my two other wedges. Many thanks for your service!

Five stars

kosta80 H.Cap (15) 28.05.08

Good solid club.

Five stars

magicmarc H.Cap (20) 02.04.08

What can I say. If there are better wedges about, then please let me have one. These clubs work!

Five stars

nlnaismith H.Cap (9) 06.02.07

I had previously had Mizuno wedges. Bought these about a month ago and the difference is outstanding. I play with Callaway X18s and am now going to buy the gap and pitching wedge and do away with my Callaways. 100 yards and in is a dream now!!!!