Callaway FT-iQ Driver

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Callaway FT-iQ User Reviews

Four stars

Hoffatoonfan1 H.Cap (16) 06.10.10

Traded in to Golf Bidder to put towards a Taylormade R9 SuperTRI. Ive got to give my honest opinion the Driver is a great club and very forgiving. I had the FT-iQ from a Golf Show when I first used it on the course the difference was immense longer and more forgiving. But when I change my grip from a strong grip i seemed to struggle with it. and to be honest it was the reason I sold it. I felt I had lost confidence in the club. All in all though I still feel it was a great driver and certainly helped me lower my game. I hope it goes on to a happy home and to someone who can use its full potential.

Four stars

Kristen H.Cap (18) 31.05.10

This is a great club! Long and straight exactly as Callaway claim. There are other clubs which are more workable if you prefer to shape the ball with a draw or a fade - but you want to hit fairway splitting drives straight down the middle then this club is for you. I am an 18 handicapper and I find myself outdriving much lower handicap players with shots consistently down the middle. This club has made a big improvement to my game - I couldn't do without it.

Four stars

coxjames1310 H.Cap (18) 26.04.10

Have only had the club for 18holes and so far very pleased with it. Even if the strike wasn't perfect it didn't punish me too badly. When you hit sweet spot it went miles.

Four stars

carlylewis H.Cap (20) 31.03.09

had an ft-5 before this club ,the ft-iq is at least 20 yards longer and much straighter ,i can also draw this club as well ,money very well spent

Four stars

mdw2412 H.Cap (24) 23.03.09

Bought this club having been on a Vector Launch Monitor with my old driver (FT-i, 11deg, Reg Flex), and then comparing it against the FT-iQ. Difference was immediate. Much better ball flight and an extra 15-20 yards on a good hit. As always, Golfbidder delivered promptly and I would recommend both this club and Golfbidder as the best.