Odyssey White Hot XG #7 Putter

Model Year:  2009

RRP: £119.00

Five stars

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Features and benefits of the Odyssey White Hot XG #7 putter:

  • The multi-layer insert in the White Hot XG Series takes two materials with different properties to provide incredible feel and distance control.
  • Discretionary weight is moved to the perimeter of the putter head for a high moment of inertia, better forgiveness and a truer roll.
  • Textured Impact Zone enhances feel and clearly defines optimum impact area.
  • The White Hot XG #7 is a modified mallet with weighted alignment wings, making it known popularly as "the Fang" .

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Odyssey White Hot XG #7

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Five stars no.7 white hot putter

haburrage    03/10/2013

This club is great if you're having problems with the swing back on your putting. Great balance to help keep putts on line. Very happy with no.7 club.

Five stars White Hot Putting by Odyssey

nigelld    20/07/2012

After a 14 year break from golf I have returned to the game. I had always promised myself a good putter and never got round to it, the Odyssey White Hot XG #7 is that putter. This putter felt comfortable in my hands immediately. The head doesn't twist through the stroke like my Fazer did so putts stay on line, even if the contact is early or late. The 3 red aiming dots work better than I thought they would. Contact with the ball is softer than I was used too, or imagined. Now I'm used to this I have stopped banging the ball way past the hole. All-in-all my putting has improved very quickly and my confidence on the green is much better.

Five stars Feels Good!

martinheywood    04/03/2011

Nicely weighted, easy to line up and a solid feel off the face

Five stars

sundancekid    04/06/2009

this putter is a must if your struggling with confidence as i WAS....such an effortless swing and smooth contact off the face, easy to line up with the hole and excellent for lagging up monster putts, "fangs" alot Golfbidder.

Five stars Fantastic!

oleite72    24/09/2008

Simply great! God sound, great touch, easy to align... a great put!

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