Odyssey White Hot XG #1 Putter

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Odyssey White Hot XG #1 User Reviews

Four stars

Heuwieser H.Cap (14) 28.05.13

This putter came in excellent condition. It was sold as "good" but seemed more like a test putter from a shop that had never been taken out on a course. It arrived the next day. My putting has really improved with this - the face has a soft feel and is incredibly forgiving if you hit it off-centre. I'm much more confident over the 3 - 10 footers now.

Four stars

MattyHood8 H.Cap (10) 28.04.13

I purchased an 8/10 model of the White Hot and it came in almost perfect condition. The White Hot XG #1 gives great feel and it's power allows shorter strokes to make sure that putt stays on line. Great purchase

Four stars

eugeneberger H.Cap (13) 18.04.10

The service was great and so for the putter is red hot ...

Four stars

simonsdad H.Cap (21) 17.05.08

After years with a Ping I was given a loan of an Odyssey White Hot and was strartled by the balance and feel of this putter. I just had to get my own one. On the greens the difference has been amazing and my confidence in making putts has increased. Now for the rest of my game......

Four stars

rokudan H.Cap (24) 13.02.08

We all know the old adage "Drive for Show, Putt for dough" My problem is feel from the putter and I am really stuggling with distance on long putts. The feel and feedback from the Odyssey White Hot XG is as good as they say it is. Watch my handicap drop by at least 6 points.