Ping G5i Craze-E Putter

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Ping G5i Craze-E User Reviews

Four stars

davegarrow H.Cap (18) 10.09.07

Excellent putter. Great condition as ever, i.e. brand new! Thanks

Four stars

teedoff H.Cap (22) 27.10.06

having recently purchased the G5i Craze-E I cannot fault its performance and it 'does everything it says on the tin'. My golf partner wants me to return to my original putter as I'm taking at least five strokes off him per game!

Four stars

pingg5 H.Cap (20) 03.03.06

i was amazed how many 15-20 foot putts that droped in but i still havent managed to putt the 3-5 foot ones yet i am sure they will drop in sooner then later.this putter just gives you that little more confidence on the green it must be the NAME!!!! dont knock it untill you tried it then i bet you go and buy one