Titleist Spin Milled SM58.08 Wedge

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Titleist Spin Milled SM58.08 User Reviews

Four stars

db72697 H.Cap (12) 14.11.12

This club has an amazing amount of Zip compared to the newer models. Even from the rough this clubs grabs. The club was in great condition and ariived as promised. If your after a vokey get this model allot better than the newer models I should know I have a 52 degree new model and its not as good

Four stars

migserrano H.Cap (12) 15.10.10

I was used to playing a Callaway x18 56º. To everyone thinking about purchasing a proper wedge, don't think twice. Total control, great brakes

Four stars

GOLFRUS H.Cap (28) 23.08.08

the club is so easy to hit. tons of backspin. dropped a ton of shots off my game. a must buy.

Four stars

johnst01 H.Cap (1) 30.04.07

I have used this club for a week now, the results were very good i felt as if i could get good spin control. The club is easy to use from various lie's.