Srixon W-403 Driver

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Srixon W-403 User Reviews

Four stars

gordodavie H.Cap (10) 21.03.11

an excellent purchase, does exactly what golfbidder said it would, arrived in pristine condition, this driver is superb throughout it really looks the part and if you dont grip it and rip it it goes for miles. As usual excellent service from Golfbidder, arrived within 2 days of purchase.

Four stars

silverfox300572 H.Cap (9) 06.02.10

The club head sits perfect, Initially though the shaft was a little stiff, but once hit becuase it sits so square just give you confidence to hit, once I get a new grip I feel that a rather nice driver. I also like the fact its not too big in szie.

Four stars

scratcher40 H.Cap (28) 25.12.07

every driver i have had since taking up this game (a great 4 months) has driven me to fade. i have a large upper body and thought that it was odd that when striking the ball, not only did it not go where i wanted it to, but also the dimples were not knocked out of the ball!!!! enter a chance meeting with an old chap i met one day on the course who i joined on with whilst stuck behind a 4 ball> he asked why i used irons all the way round the course to which i replied i could'nt hit true with a driver! he then said have a go on this!!!!and no he was'nt a pervy but pulled out a srixon 403.. once again i tried to explain i didn't want to lose one of my new balls in the trees to the right. but he threw an old ball down and said hit that. to cut a long story short this club sent the ball further and straighter than i have ever done before and as a result i cannot say im a beginner anymore with no handicap. in truth i rate this club as a ten and golfbidder got it for me at a fraction of the price! delivery is fast and packaging 1st class. keep the faith, ian.

Four stars

shandea H.Cap (15) 16.02.06

I have a new set of Srixon W403 irons. I have been searching for months for the Srixon W403 Driver. I could not believe my luck when I found one on Golfbidder. I first took it to the driving range and could not help but hit it straight, I was hitting balls on average 260 yds, when you consider this is with range balls it is unbelievable. It has a big sweet spot and a beautiful sound. Thank you golfbidder, you have helped improve my game. Highly recommended site.