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How to choose the right putter for you.

The putter is the difference maker in your golf bag. No matter how far you hit it off the tee, it is on the green where scores are made and broken. Just think of it as one more single putt and one less 3 putt a round and you’re score comes down by 2 shots. In short it the easiest and most cost effective way to lower your scores – you just need to make sure you’ve got the right putter to make these changes.

What to consider:

Head:The putter market is a minefield of options. This guide will help you filter these down and help you find the right putter for your stroke. The first thing to consider is the head shape, weather you need a blade or mallet style putter. There are different shapes within these 2 categories but that is a decision for later but for now it’s as simple as blade or matter.

Alignment: Having the perfect putting stroke is great but if you’re one degree off on your alignment then it does not need to be the longest putt in the world for you to start missing the hole. Thank fully the manufactures have come up with a whole array of different solutions to this problem.

Length: With anchoring of the putter now banned, your choices of length are kept to a minimum however they are still somethings to consider. In an attempt to recreate the feel of an anchored putter engineers at the major manufactures have come up with counter balancing. They each call it something different but it is essentially putting a weight in the top of the grip to create a ‘pivot’ point. Obviously this is not going to be as effective as fixing this point but it is a close second. If you have previously used an anchored putter or feel you count benefit from the increased stability, a counter balanced putter could be something to consider.

Grip: You’ll have noticed a trend on Tour where the pros are using slightly thicker grips on their putters. The leading manufacture of these grips states that “Oversized grips take away the tendency to squeeze too tightly; at the same time, most unnecessary wrist action is eliminated. In addition, the patented non-tapered grip promotes even grip pressure in both the right and left hands. Together, these characteristics contribute to create a smoother and more consistent putting stroke, a more-square putter face at impact, and a better feel for distance. “ – Super Stroke USA.

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