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How to choose the right iron set for you.

Irons are the precision weapons in your bag and the key to making more birdies. However like most things to do with golf there is an Aladdin’s Cave of product to sift through to make sure you get the right clubs for your game. This guide will steer you in the right direction and give you the knowledge you need to go forth and filter our 1500 unique sets down to the one that was made for you.

What to consider:

Head: When the engineers at the game’s top manufacturers are designing irons they are forever fighting the battle between feel and forgiveness. Feel is needed to control distance and ball fight while the forgiveness is needed when as golfers we do not find the middle of the golf club. The ability to max both of these characteristics out is still a distant dream – however they’re getting closer.

Fitting: Outside of the head shape and construction there are a few other thing that needs to be considered when buying a set of irons. The first of these is the composition of the set. With hybrids becoming more and more popular, 3-irons are slowing becoming an endangered animal as the ‘standard’ set has reduced from 8 pieces to 7, and the majority of the time being 4-PW. A 7 piece set leaves both ends open to additions by you. At the top end, the addition of a hybrid to bridge the gap between your irons and your fairway woods will give you another, usually easier to hit, option from the fairway or rough. At the lower end a specialist sand wedge will add more precision to your game than one that matches your set – these are usually more specialist and designed for intricate shots.

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