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How to choose the right fairway for you.

With over 2,000 unique fairway woods to choose from ranging from strong 3-woods all the way down to 9, and even 11-woods, we’re sure to have the one you’re looking for. With all these combinations to sift through we’ve put together a little guide to make sure you find the one that matches your requirements as, unlike with drivers, fairways woods can be used for a number of different things when out on the course.

What to consider:

Head: Thankfully 80% plus of the fairways for sale on Golfbidder are going to suit 80% of you. These are the ‘standard’ offering from the manufacturers – slightly larger footprint, great from off the fairway, and equally at home out of the rough. However we want this guide to cover all bases so the other 20% needs to be addressed. As well as the standard models, there are pro models. Usually by the same name, these will have a smaller overall head size, no alignment mark on the crown and are more suited to the eye of the better golfer who is looking to shape the ball.

Shaft: With all fairway woods now coming with graphite shafts this decision is already made a little easier than it could have been. It is made even easier still by you probably already having a graphite shaft in your driver. If this is the case then it is a good idea to match your fairway wood shaft to this. This is easier than you think with many of the top manufacturers using the same shaft manufacturers for their clubs (although matching club heads/models is not the worst idea either).

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