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Titleist Forged 775. CB

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Mens Right Hand




3-PW Iron Set





Shaft Material





Golf Pride V-55

Head condition

6 - Fair

Shaft condition

6 - Fair

Grip condition

6 - Fair
Titleist Forged 775. CB

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AboutTitleist Forged 775. CB

Titleist Forged 775.CB irons. Aimed at mid-high handicappers, Titleist's Forged 775.CB (Cavity back) irons feature a blended set design with oversize, multi-material channel back long irons that seamlessly transition to mid-size short irons to maximize playability with shot control. The oversize long irons feature enhanced offset for a higher, straighter flight, while the traditional short irons are designed for shot control and greater playability into and around the greens. Forged 775.CB irons offer oversize, multi-material channel back 3,4 and 5 irons for an easy-up ball flight that delivers maximum distance and forgiveness and feature a thin, strong insert. This design redistributes 20g of weight to the perimeter and sole of the club head for a low, deep centre of gravity and a high moment of inertia for superior playability. The 775.CB 3,4 and 5 irons feature a high-strength, forged aluminium vibration dampener bar which reinforces the thin face insert, reduces unwanted vibration and improves sound and feel. The 3 and 4 iron shaft lengths are longer than standard for increased club head speed and greater dynamic loft for higher trajectory and more distance. The longer length shafts help to maintain proper yardage gaps at the long end of the set. Strong lofts through the set provide greater distance and trajectory control

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13:07 04.07.11 Aubertjo £100.41
13:07 04.07.11 mizuno001 £100.09
12:34 03.07.11 mizuno001 £91.35
18:02 30.06.11 jacksonbrowne £88.35
11:26 30.06.11 cdaxou £85.35
11:26 30.06.11 jacksonbrowne £85.00
11:26 30.06.11 cdaxou £82.00
11:26 30.06.11 jacksonbrowne £79.00
11:26 30.06.11 cdaxou £76.00
11:26 30.06.11 jacksonbrowne £73.00



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Titleist Forged 775. CB User Reviews

Five stars

ca12by H.Cap (18) 18.06.13

Fantastic service, ordered Friday lunchtime, delivered first thing Monday morning. Condition was as stated, except the grips were better (8) than stated (7). I've played two rounds with the clubs, shot to a 15 handicap the first day, and slightly over my handicap in awfully windy conditions (40 mph on the Kent White Cliffs) the next. I always struggled with a 3 and 4 iron, not with these clubs when caught correct, long and straight, I hit the 5 iron through the green on a 230 yard Par 3. Who needs a driver or a wood when you're in the fairway after your first hit with the 3 and 4? These will certainly ensure I groove my swing, it does hurt when you don't hit these sort of clubs correctly. Time to practice, practice, practice. WOW!

Five stars

daviep23 H.Cap (20) 31.08.11

switched from 04 big bertha irons. hitting longer fairway shots still with enough forgiveness to suit my standard of play.

Five stars

randfontein H.Cap (11) 19.04.10

I have found the Titleist 775 CB clubs easy to hit, and they giving very good ball flight. Overall I am getting good results, and I am very pleased with these clubs. I am impressed with the Golfbidder set-up,the ordered clubs were just as described and next day delivery is much appreciated. Golfbidder provide an excellent service

Five stars

dickgillgb H.Cap (15) 17.06.09

Used them once only to date but on that evidence I will be enjoying using them for several years. Brilliant, classic clubs, and better distance than my old berthas. By now it should go without saying (to anyone who has used golfbidder) that the service is very good indeed.

Five stars

markjosullivan H.Cap (18) 16.04.09

I have a set of 704 CBs back in Ireland which I play with regularely, the 775 CB are definetely a step above, good distance, accuracy and somewhat forgiving. I look forward to playing numerous cources in London over the comeing months (weather permitting)

Four stars

ronbuchan H.Cap (18) 19.02.09

A week ago I purchased through your auction site a set of titleist cb irons I have managed to use them three times now weather permitting and I am finding its a learning curve on every use. I am now finding each time I play they are giving me better shots longer than my Fatshafts excellent flight on the ball, I am sure with more use they will satisfy my need for a more consistant game.

Five stars

ahjaybe H.Cap (24) 17.03.08

Bought as an upgrade from my old Nicklaus 'Air Bears' Initial impression is they are much more forgiving - especially the 5 iron. Condition described as 'fair', but in fact they are virtually as new! Very pleased.

Five stars

SGirvin H.Cap (8) 30.11.07

Great piece of kit. This is my second set of titliest irons having played the 704cb's for the past 4 years. Figured it was time for a new/newer set. Took a chance and just went with the 775CB with out swinging a club, not always a wise move but never ventured... After 3 times at the range and two rounds. I can't get over how long and easy they are to hit. The combination of 2 degree strong loft and a the extra 5g lighter shafts (NS pro100 steel vs R300)equal a full club. It's late November -8 deg C and hitting a 7 160, essentially the same club I would expect to be hitting in july with the 704's. As for the 3 iron, the hybrid I put in the bag for longer par 3's.. it just became redundent.

Four stars

nuno_serra H.Cap (16) 11.04.07

Very good irons for mid handicaps, the long irons have too much ofset for me, but in general are excelent irons for game improvent.

Five stars

jimmurphy H.Cap (9) 27.09.06

I have tried various clubs for the last two years to improve my game. I was a lower handicap (5), however not as good and as supple as I used to be. The 775CB is excellent. Great higher ball flight and 3 to 5 iron very forgiving, giving you confidence. The club also looks well. Buy the Gap wedge also. Jim